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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Regarding changes in the list of positions with harmful and dangerous working conditions, where the use of women's labor is restricted


In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation, a list of harmful work/jobs with dangerous working conditions has been established, which restricts the use of women's labor.

The innovations established by the Order of the Ministry of Labor provide for a shortening of the list of hard work and work with harmful or dangerous working conditions, under which women's work is prohibited more than four times, from 456 positions available to women for work to 100.

The criteria for selection are factors that are dangerous to women's reproductive health and that affect the health of future generations and have distant consequences.

In particular, the list provides for a guarantee of women's rights to fair working conditions, which is demonstrated by the prohibition of random restrictions on the use of women's labor.
According to the Order, restrictions on the following professions and jobs have been lifted:

• Heavy-duty truck driver;
• Driver of agricultural machinery;
• Member of the ship's deck crew;
• Electric train driver;
• Working at heights more than 10 meters.

This list also does not apply to female labor in the following sectors:

• Pharmaceutical industry;
• Medical organizations;
• Research laboratories,
• Organizations providing household services to the population.

In addition, according to this innovation, the employer has the right to use women's labor without restrictions when creating safe working conditions.

The Order comes into force on 1 January 2021.

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