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Registration of Foreign Citizens on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Regarding the amount of advance payments for the patent for 2020


For 2020 the size of advance payments for registration of the patent for foreign citizens is increased.

The specified cost is calculated by the formula using the deflator factor, established by the Ministry of Economic Development, and the regional factor, established by the authorities of the RF subjects.

Taking into account the deflator factor of 1.813., the amount of advance payments for patenting for 2020 will be:

- 5350 rubles for Moscow;
- 5,100 rubles for the Moscow region;
- 4000 rubles in St. Petersburg

At the moment, an order to change the deflator factor from 1,813 to 1,810 is also under discussion.

In addition, given the payment of advance payments for the term of the patent in the current year at the rate currently in force, no additional payment in the next year will be required.

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