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Regarding the order of entry of foreign students to the Russian Federation


According to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, entry for students is allowed in order to continue their studies at post-secondary institutions:

• foreign students;
• graduate students;
• interns;
• students of preparatory faculties.

Before entering the territory of Russia, foreign students are required to notify their university of  arrival 10 days in advance.

Entry to Russia is allowed only to those foreign citizens whose country of citizenship is considered epidemiologically safe, which currently includes the following countries:

• Abkhazia,
• Armenia,
• Azerbaijan,
• Belarus,
• Cuba,
• Egypt,
• Ethiopia,
• Finland,
• Germany,
• Greece,
• India,
• Japan,
• Kazakhstan,
• Kyrgyzstan,
• Qatar,
• Republic of Maldives,
• Serbia,
• Seychelles,
• Singapore,
• Syria,
• South Korea,
• South Ossetia,
• Sri Lanka,
• Switzerland,
• Tajikistan,
• Tanzania,
• Turkey,
• United Arab Emirates,
• Uzbekistan,
• Venezuela,
• Vietnam.

You can find out the list of countries which open for entry in your personal account on the universities' website, as well as on the official pages of the university in social networks.

The algorithm for the entry of foreign students was developed by the Ministry of Education and Science and includes the following stages:

• notification of the University about your arrival 10 days before entering the Russian Federation (after sending the letter, you will receive information about your entry by email);

• passing the COVID-19 test by PCR no earlier than 3 days before arrival in the Russian Federation. According to the test result, get the corresponding document in Russian or English;

• after arriving in Russia, repeat the COVID-19 test by PCR within 72 hours. Self-isolation must be observed until the test result is obtained. During isolation, and studying will takes place in an online format.

This step-by-step guide will be sent to foreign students' e-mails, as well as posted on university websites and social networks.

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