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Regarding the employment of foreign citizens in Russia through a mobile application


In 2022, foreign citizens will be able to issue all the necessary documents for employment and legal stay on the territory of the Russian Federation using a special mobile application.

This application will also help a foreign citizen to find out if he/she has restrictions on entry into the Russian Federation. If a foreign citizen is not restricted from entering the Russian Federation, then he/she will be able to use a number of other useful services of the application. For example, to issue IIAN and TIN, find employment and contact an employer or to register.

It is noted that this application will reflect both public and private services, such as buying insurance or renting housing. In addition to the above, the application will reflect information about the entry of a foreign citizen, obtaining the necessary documents and entering the workforce. 

The application is designed to reflect and make convenient in all the ways  that a foreign citizen needs in order to move and be engaged in employment activity  in Russia.

Back in 2020, the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation announced its intention to create a single information platform that will contain information about all foreign citizens who are in Russia. Such a platform will provide foreign citizens with convenient provision of public services in an electronic format, and will also allow the introduction of personalized information services: personal account, notification mailing, etc. It was noted that the information platform will be designed in the form of a mobile application, which will be mandatory to install on the mobile devices of foreign citizens upon entry into the Russian Federation.

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