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Regarding new forms of labor books


According to the Draft Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation "On approval of the Procedure for the production of labor books forms and provision of employers with them", from January 1, 2023, new-style employment records will be put into effect.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation determines the procedure for the production of new forms of labor books and their provision to employers.  It is planned that the provision of employers with new forms of labor books will be carried out by distributors (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs).

Please note that the production of forms will be carried out on the basis of applications from distributors. The responsibilities of distributors include:

• maintaining strict accounting of forms,

• compliance with the security regime of the premises where the forms are stored.

In order to receive new sample forms, employers are to enquire with distributors, information about which is posted on the manufacturer's website.

Additionally, we inform you that previously issued labor books of the previous sample do not need to be exchanged, and employers will be able to use their old-style forms without a time limitation.

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