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A New Standard List of Events Has Been Approved in Order to Improve Working Conditions and Safety and Reduce Levels of Professional Risks


Ensuring safe working conditions is one of the major responsibilities of the employer under labor laws. Given this, the legislative authorities are constantly attempting to improve labor legislation and to strengthen labor protection legislation.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation issued a new order from March 1, 2012 N 181n "On the Approval of the standard list of annual events implemented by the employer to improve working conditions and safety and reduce levels of professional risks" (registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation from March 19, 2012 N 23 513 ).

This Order approved the standard list of activities to improve working conditions and safety and reduce levels of professional risks, which must be carried out by the employer. So the employer should carry out certification of workplaces with respect to working conditions, levels of professional risks and on this basis implement measures for the improvement of working conditions.

The major actions to be implemented by the employer are:

Within the field of an automated means of protection:

  • The installation of automatic and remote control and regulation of various kinds of production equipment, technical processes, equipment for transport and lifting devices.
  • The installation of automatic control of levels of dangerous and harmful factors in workplaces.
  • The acquisition and installation of signalling equipment in case of a failure in the normal functioning of manufacturing equipment, as well as an emergency stop.
  • The introduction and (or) the modernization of technical devices that protect workers from electrical shock.
  • Mechanization of the cleaning of production facilities, the timely removal and disposal of waste products, which are sources of dangerous and harmful factors, cleaning of air ducts and ventilation systems, lighting fixtures, windows, transoms, skylights.

Within the field of organizing the work environment:

  • The reduction of levels of natural and artificial lighting in the work environment, common areas, as well as in areas in which employees move freely in accordance with present regulations.
  • Re-planning of the production equipment, organization of workplaces with the goal of enhancing or ensuring work place safety.
  • The equipment of new and the reconstruction of existing heating and ventilating systems in production and common areas, dust- gas catching installations, air-conditioning systems with the aim of enhancing a standard heating regime and microclimate, as well as ensuring a clean air environment in working and service areas.
  • The equipment of new and (or) the reconstruction of existing places of designated rest areas, facilities and rooms of relaxation, psychological relaxation, heated work stations, as well as shelter from the sun and rainfall during periods when work duties are performed in the open air, expansion, reconstruction and the equipping of sanitary facilities.

Within the field of Health Care (medical aid):

  • The organization of training employees in rendering first aid to injured co-workers in the workplace.
  • The carrying out of mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations (surveys).
  • The equipment of premises in accordance with the prescribed standards for medical care, and (or) the establishment of designated health posts with first-aid kits that are fully equipped with medicines for the rendering of first aid.

Withinthefield of promotion of measures for the occupational safety:

  • The acquisition of stands, simulators, visual aids, scientific and technical literature for a briefing on workplace safety issues, providing training in techniques and methods of ensuring workplace safety, equipment rooms (classrooms) for instructing workers on issues related to safety with the aid of computers, television, video-audio equipment, licensed training and (or) testing programs, organization of exhibitions, competitions related to workplace health and safety.

In the event of non-compliance with these outlined requirements during the verification procedure to ensure compliance by the employer of all labor legislation, the organization may be imposed an administrative penalty of a fine or suspension of activity for a period up to 90 days. 

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